4 effects in 1 Mason jar! Use it in magic shows, theatrical settings or for display in a home or at parties. The effects are controlled using a Bluetooth app, available for free on either the Apple or Google Play stores. The Magic Mason Jar actually contains an intelligent device consisting of a microcontroller, LED lights, buttons, rechargeable battery, 3D printed parts, wireless communications and custom programming to achieve the effects. The effects are:


  • Fireflies - Control up to 4 fireflies (lightning bugs) and change their color or make them appear or disappear from the jar.
    Bonus effect:
    • change single color of fireflies to a different color for each firefly
  • Fairy - Inspired by Tinker Bell in the play "Peter Pan", the fairy hovers inside the jar with random, lifelike movements. With the app, the fairy can hide, and move around the jar.
    Bonus effects:
    • fairy draws 4 different positive emojis
    • fairy performs a death scene and returns to life just like in the Peter Pan play ("clap if you believe in fairies!")
  • Fire - A simulated flame appears inside the jar with this effect. The flame can appear on your command using the app.
    Bonus effects:
    • show small flame, like when trying to blow it out
  • Snow Globe - This is a simple and pleasing effect of snow falling inside the jar.
    Bonus effect:
    • change the snow into rain, which speeds up the animation

All effects have color change options (sorry, no yellow snow option here). Settings can be saved so the effect, color setting and brightness will be restored the next time the Magic Mason Jar is turned on. Recharging is easy, just flip the top to access the micro USB charge connector and the on/off switch, no need to remove the lid.

The Magic Mason Jar has been in development for several years and involved custom programming, animations, PCB development, 3D printed parts and is assembled by hand. We are proud to bring to you this unique piece of magic for your enjoyment.

The Magic Mason Jar includes:

  • 1 Magic Mason Jar
  • 1 Micro USB charging cable
  • 1 USB charging block
  • User manual (download)
  • 30 day warranty against defects

Size: 3.5" x 3.5" x 3.5" (size of a wide mouth pint size mason jar)

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