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What are Squeezebox Playing Cards? Quite simply, they are a whimsical deck of playing cards where the face cards have dropped their inhibitions and are playing the accordion! Each face card is playing their favorite accordion song on either a piano or button accordion. The four aces have been replaced with accordions, with the card suit displayed on the accordion bellows. In addition, spread the cards face down and place a joker at the top of the deck and you will be able to simulate an accordion ( make sure you spread the cards from right to left, spreading the other way will make accordionists all over the world upset!). Spread two halves and you now have two accordions using both jokers. Bonus: Use the button side of the ad card to also show the left hand buttons when spreading the cards.

$30 US, free shipping in the USA

tripacketWhat a fun group of packet effects here! You get three packet effects for one low price suitable for kids and adults alike. Plus, you get a bonus comedy prediction card that will leave your audience laughing (or at least put a smile on their face). These affects are also Zoom friendly! Here is what you get:

USA $99 + $10 shipping

panda sticks logoimage 2 small

A variation of the classic Chinese Sticks effect using bamboo sticks.


Black version

Snake Type

A classic kid show comedy prop re-engineered for today's performer (with permission by Trevor Lewis). 

spyglass1The effect: a performer states there are so many people they need their spyglass/telescope to see them all. They show the spyglass and holds it to their eye but they are looking at it from the wrong end, saying the audience is so tiny! The audience says turn it around, and using the classic "turn it around" gag, the performer turns themselves around a few times before realizing the spyglass needs to be turned around. The performer turns the spyglass around but lets go of the top end, making the spyglass turn around by itself and the performer is still looking at the wrong end. The spyglass is turned around and again the top end is let go and the spyglass turns around by itself again. Finally, the performer looks in the correct end but can't see anything. At first the end is cleared with a sleeve, thinking it is dirty. Then the performer realizes the lens cap is on. Twisting the lens cap reveals the sudden appearance of a 4+ foot spring snake!

Free USA shipping.

christmas coal v2

You are on the Naughty List and getting coal for Christmas! You need to plead your case with Santa to be put on the Nice List. Will you succeed?

4 effects in 1 Mason jar! Use it in magic shows, theatrical settings or for display in a home or at parties. The effects are controlled using a Bluetooth app, available for free on either the Apple or Google Play stores. The Magic Mason Jar actually contains an intelligent device consisting of a microcontroller, LED lights, buttons, rechargeable battery, 3D printed parts, wireless communications and custom programming to achieve the effects. The effects are:

$20 US, free shipping in the USA


bb logo600

bunny cardsHere is another family fun packet routine from Funtastic Magic! This is an easy to perform effect with a surprise ending. The performer displays 4 cards front and back containing a different colored bunny in a magic top hat: red, blue, green and yellow. One by one, each bunny hides in their hat. Are they bashful or are they playing peek-a-boo?

Finally, the performer asks the audience if they remember what color was on the back of the card. They will answer "blue". However, blue is only half right, as turning over the four cards shows images of Blue Bunny ice cream! There is an alternate version where the card backs are each a different color.

A great routine with a surprise ending.

photo of silk to egg trickWhen I was a teenager, one of my first mail order purchases of magic was the silk to egg trick. When I opened the package I was greatly disappointment.  I received a white plastic Easter egg with a hole in it. You could easily see where the two halves met and it would never be taken seriously as a real egg.