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tripacketWhat a fun group of packet effects here! You get three packet effects for one low price suitable for kids and adults alike. Plus, you get a bonus comedy prediction card that will leave your audience laughing (or at least put a smile on their face). These affects are also Zoom friendly! Here is what you get:

Pirate Treasure - Based on 8 card Brainwave, this 6 card variation gives a user a free choice to find the pirate treasure from one of 6 treasure map cards. And they do!

Happy Face - Based on Wild Card, the performer shows four sad face cards and one happy face card. One by one, those frowns are turned upside down, changing all sad face cards to happy face cards.

The Fleazzini Brothers - Here is a Flea Circus act that you can carry in your pocket! The Great Fleazzini Brothers will attempt to fly their motorcycle into the air from one card to another, increasing the danger each time. Will they succeed, or could this be the Fleazzini Brothers' final performance?

You will receive the three packet effects printed on 16 casino quality cards, a bonus prediction card and a card containing a link and password to the instructions.

Routine idea for the Pirate Treasure packet trick

This routine is great when you are performing for two or more people. Adult and child volunteers would be fun, with the child picking first.

Gospel routine idea for the Smiley Face packet trick