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A variation of the classic Chinese Sticks effect using bamboo sticks.


The performer brings out two bamboo sticks, held together, with a long string tassel on one stick and a short string tassel on the other. The performer pulls the short string and the long tassel moves up, so the short tassel becomes long and the long tassel becomes short. The performer feigns surprise that the audience thinks they know the secret. The performer then separates the front of the sticks, keeping the backs together, and repeats the illusion. The audience is still not impressed. Finally the sticks are separated completely showing they are not attached in any way, but the performer can still pull the tassels as if they are connected. Finally, the short tassel is pulled but the long tassels does not go up, leaving the performer with two long tassels. The performer shows an “invisible” panda bear hair that he ties to the knotos at the top of each stick, then pulls the “hair” to make both long tassels become short.

These sticks are larger than most, each measuring about 14" in length and about 1 1/2" in diameter. The Panda Sticks were designed via a computer and manufactured using a 3D printer. This allows for consistentency in each stick, so it is not limited by variations real bamboo can impose. The color of each stick is embedded into the stick and will not wear off. You can optionally color the bamboo joints with brown and/or black sharpie (see video for an example).